Applying to stay in Ely

Students who are thinking about the possibility of applying to stay in Ely are welcome to visit the centre by arrangement (with their family if they would like). They will be shown around the centre and introduced to other university student residents.

Students intending to apply for a place during the summer months (1 June – 31 August) should visit our Summer Residents tab.

What is expected of you?

We don’t like the word ‘rules’; after all, this is not school! However, there are best practice guidelines and expectations, which can be summarised into the following four points. Students are expected to:

  • Engage in the life of the house: students should try to be present at most meals, participate in get-togethers, offer to help whenever help is needed, make an effort to get on well with fellow residents etc.
  • Take their study seriously: residents should work consistently hard throughout the year and aim to attain the highest qualifications they are capable of. This also implies that, while there is no strictly-enforced curfew at night, a student who repeatedly comes back late at night is unlikely to benefit from living in Ely.
  • Respect the ethos of the centre: Ely does not expect all residents to be committed practising Catholics; indeed, people of all creeds and backgrounds are welcome, and everyone can benefit from the human formation provided at Ely. However, students should make an effort to respect the aims of the residence and not undermine its family atmosphere.
  • Respect the timetable of the house: the timetable is meant to help residents learn to have order in their lives, respect others and facilitate their study. Thus respecting meal and cleaning times is essential to living in Ely.

Who may apply

Ely welcomes students from all social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Here are our basic requirements:

  1. Ely offers accommodation to men students only. We have a sister residence for women in Clonskeagh, Dublin (Glenard).
  2. University students between the ages of 18 and 28 years of age may be offered residence in Ely.
  3. During term time (September-May), we do not usually have places available for students who wish to attend English language schools. They may apply to stay in Ely during the summer term (June-August).

Application procedure

  1. Fill out and return an application form (either online or by downloading the PDF below).
  2. Students are called for an interview, based on the application forms received. This can be arranged at a time that suits both parties. The purpose of the interview is for us to meet the prospective resident in person and for him to meet us.
  3. Applicants will be notified of the result of their application within 7 days of their interview.

Ely offers sought-after quality accommodation as well as many other benefits. Potential residents are encouraged to apply early.

Taking up residence

The residence opens for the first term of the academic year (Michaelmas term) in September. Students who have been allocated a place should ring or write to indicate when it would suit them to take up residence.

The student residence closes from 24 December until 2 January each year.


Students are admitted for one academic year at a time, but applications for further periods are readily considered. Applications from students who are already in university doing undergraduate or postgraduate work are particularly welcome. You may download the re-application form below.


Application form [for new applicants]

Dowload in PDF format

Dowload in PDF format

[Please use online application form above if possible]

In order to download this file, you will need Adobe Reader (get Adobe Reader here).

This application form is a PDF form. You can fill in this form on your computer. However, the only way to save it is by printing it as a PDF (download CutePDF Printer here). You may either (a) email us the new PDF with your details or (b) print it out and post it to us.

If you are submitting the form by email, please make sure to attach a passport photo separately.