Staying in Ely

Ely is a perfect distraction-free environment where you can get down to serious study and aim for your personal best in college, while having a good time and developing your personality to the full.


Ely offers a ‘home away from home’ for students. At Ely, a spirit of service to others and a family atmosphere is fostered. With this in mind all residents help in maintaining the centre.

Students of all creeds and nationalities are welcome to come and stay in Ely, and as a result, the centre cultivates a rich universal outlook, respecting all peoples and cultures.

More than just a University Residence

As well as providing a home from home for students from outside Dublin, we also organise activities throughout the year for many Dublin students and other students from around the country staying elsewhere in Dublin. They are designed to complement university studies, not distract from them, and to help students develop a responsible concern for society and see their future professional life as a way to serve society. Students are encouraged to help organise these activities as well as attend them.

Activities include:

  • The Ely Academy (comprising a talks series, a mentoring programme and seminars)
  • Cultural talks given by experts in different fields, aimed at broadening your cultural and technical horizons
  • Social projects/work-camps which foster awareness of society’s needs
  • Christian formation given in talks, seminars, doctrinal classes for those who would like to attend them

More information

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Ely and Opus Dei

This living of the spirit of Opus Dei in the centre is clear in many aspects: an emphasis on the importance of study and work well done, on the development of human and Christian virtues and a spirit of service towards others, the central place of the oratory in the life of the centre, an insistence on the respect for the freedom of all, the care of little material details etc.

The director of Ely, and some of the people living there, are members of Opus Dei. Many of the others involved in activities are not members, and give their time and energy because they are fully supportive of the formation being provided. Opus Dei provides a priest as chaplain to the centre, who reports to its managing committee.

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