What is the Academy?

A university education is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The transition from student to working professional happens all too fast. Some relish the challenge of using the opportunity to prepare for professional life while others are left asking the fundamental career questions long afterwards. At the Ely Academy, we aim to help you discover how to squeeze all the goodness out of your college years, so as to become a person who is capable of working very well, contributing to your field for the service of society.

Based on the success of our pilot programme last year, and adopting some successful methods from Harvard and MIT, the new Ely Academy includes a monthly workshop, a Professional Mentoring programme and occasional weekend seminars.

Our introduction talk was given by Dr. Kevin Majeres (Harvard Medical School) on the topic “Focus: The Science of Optimal Work”. Watch it now to get a taste of what the Academy is. Dr Kevin Majeres | Focus: The Science of Optimal Work

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Professional Mentoring

Everyone has had the experience, from time to time, of working in a way that is extraordinarily productive and enjoyable. At Ely, we are introducing a mentoring programme that helps students to consistently achieve this optimal level of performance – complementing the assistance provided at your university. This is the core aspect of the Academy programme, where you learn to put into effect all you hear at the ISS talks by discussing these matters with your mentor on a regular basis.

We have adopted an assessment tool from Embrook Study Center (Cambridge, MA), called the Ely Professional Self-Assessment (EPSA), which students can take online in less than five minutes. The EPSA covers a variety of areas, from career choice to work-life balance, and from guiding ideals down to daily habits of concrete action. The EPSA also serves to measure one’s progress through the course of the mentoring.

The mentoring programme consists of four one-on-one sessions held after a student completes the Inventory, generally lasting forty minutes and taking place every week. Click here for more information on the mentors.

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Core Input Workshops

The Ely Mentoring Programme revolves around six workshops, that we call Core Inputs, and which mentees attend as a group. After each Core Input, there is a series of weekly one-to-one sessions between each student and his assigned mentor that will explore in more depth the issues highlighted in the previous workshop. The six Core Inputs in the programme for 2016-2017 are the following:

September: Managing College Expectations

October: Optimal Work Habits

November: Life Balance & Ideals

January: Professional Aspirations

February: Work Leadership & Service

March: Cultural Development

Ely Professional Consultants

University today is often just a technical requirement for entering into your chosen profession. For centuries, this advancement depended upon your relationship with a professional already established in your field – and even today people learn most of their required knowledge while on their first jobs. All too frequently, however, college students are unaware of the reality of life in the workplace. The Academy will provide you with the opportunity of meeting young professionals in your area, who will be able to advise you on the steps to follow to reach your goal.

Our Ely Professional Consultants programme puts you in contact, even while in college, with accomplished professionals in a variety of fields that can serve as mentors and guides as you consider what career to pursue. These professionals can help you navigate the decision-making process, prepare your CV and conduct mock interviews.

This programme is flexible, responding to the needs of each participant. For more information on being connected with Ely Professional Consultants, please contact Ezekiel here.

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