About Ely


The Aims of Ely

Elyʼs activities encourage students to seek the highest standards in their work, both technically and ethically. Our programmes help motivate students to be earnest in both acquiring expertise and learning to use it well. Our speakers broaden their cultural and technical horizons, and our seminars provide the needed foundations for ethical development. The Christian orientation of the programmes at Ely is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

Work and Life

Excellence in work means attaining a high degree of professional expertise. Excellence in life entails making the acquisition and exercise of this expertise compatible with a commitment to family, friends, and community. Since professional development begins at the university, these years are the time best suited to begin harmonising the demands of work with living a fulfilling life. Ely helps students seek this harmony in their life and work.

Trust and Service

Professional expertise attains its highest meaning when it is employed first for the good of others: for service. Because they serve others through their expertise, the best professionals earn the trust of their co-workers and clients. Ely aims to inculcate this spirit of service so that students may become professionals worthy of trust.

Innovation and Progress

Dedicated professionals contribute effectively to the progress of their fields. As they seek to excel, they develop new and better ways of working. As they desire to serve, they bring their professions to serve persons and society with the highest ethical standards. Ely helps students aspire to advance their profession through innovation and to understand the ethical dimensions of this progress.