Mozart for Millennials

What is Classical Music and Why Does It Matter?

Are you sick and tired of listening to repetitive beats on the radio? Concerned that lacklustre chart music has taken over your playlist? Worried that the mechanisation of music holds no bounds? Distressed that music has lost its human touch? Looking to try out something new?

What you have been searching for is Classical Music. Hans Christian Anderson once said “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks”. For many ordinary people an encounter with classical music may prove one of the only transcendental moments in their otherwise mundane lives. Down through the years the symphonies of great composers such as Mozart, Handel and Beethoven have touched the lives of perhaps millions of individuals both rich and poor because their music hinted at the sublime.

Some would like to believe that since Classical Music comes from antiquity it should stay there but this is a very narrow minded approach. Classical Music still has a role to play in modernity. Think of some of the best films that have been made – “Schindler’s List”, “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Tree of Life”. All these films are loved because they touch at the soul. The utilisation of Classical Music in these films played no small part in helping to achieve this.

Andrew Larkin is a senior teacher at Rockbrook Secondary School. Andrew studied French and Music in UCD where he went on to complete a master’s degree in French and he later went on to complete a master’s degree in Music Performance from the Royal Irish Academy. Andrew is an enthusiastic educationalist, a passionate musician and an avid linguist. Along with overseeing senior debating and the French society in Rockbrook School, he also promotes classical music concerts in the school.


Key information

  • Date: Wednesday 5th October 2016
  • Time: 6.00pm–7.30pm
  • Speaker: Mr. Andrew Larkin
  • Cost: €5 (if you are having dinner)