Our goal is for you to reach the highest technical and ethical achievement in your work as a student. We offer a variety of programmes that can help you to be earnest in acquiring expertise, and to use it for the service of others and the advancing of your professional field.

What is Ely?

Ely is an educational centre for young men near Trinity College Dublin. Since 1959, the centre has served as a resource for students’ professional and cultural development.

Ely is run by Brosna Educational Centres Ltd. The Christian orientation of our activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, a prelature of the Catholic Church founded by St Josemaría Escrivá in 1928.

Watch Dr Kevin Majeres’ Focus talk

Dr Kevin Majeres | Focus: The Science of Optimal Work

On 7 October 2014, we connected via Skype with Dr Kevin Majeres in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a fascinating talk about how learning to focus in order to study more efficiently. Our seminar room was packed with students from six different universities. Here’s a chance to watch the talk again.

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Dr Kevin Majeres | Focus: the science of optimal work

Learn how to apply the science of peak performance to your college studies! To kick off the Ely Academy talk series, Dr Kevin Majeres, an experienced psychiatrist from the US, will connect with us on Skype to explain how advances in neuroscience are shedding light on how people perform when they are working at their highest capacity. Knowing how your mind operates…


Freshers’ Seminar | 6 Sep 2014

Entering university can be a challenging experience, and it often takes students months (or years!) before they manage to find their feet. And not only academically – also in terms of how to approach university life, how to make new friends and how to keep your head on your shoulders. Most graduates will tell you there are many things they…


Volunteer in Mumbai next summer!

Interested in working with disadvantaged children in India next summer? Student volunteers will teach English and sports to young children in an orphanage and in slum areas, helping to brighten their days and transform their lives by passing on positive values and important life skills. More information here!