What is Ely?

Ely is an educational centre for young men near Trinity College Dublin. Since 1959, the centre has served as a resource for students’ professional and cultural development. Ely is run by Brosna Educational Centres Ltd. The Christian orientation of our activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, a prelature of the Catholic Church St Josemaría Escrivá.

Our goal is for you to reach the highest technical and ethical achievement in your work as a student. We offer a variety of programmes that can help you to be earnest in acquiring expertise, and to use it for the service of others and the advancing of your professional field.

Our Programmes

The Ely Academy

A university education is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The transition from student to working professional happens all too fast. Some relish the challenge of using the opportunity to prepare for professional life while others are left asking the fundamental career questions long afterwards. At the Ely Academy, we aim to help you discover how to squeeze all the goodness out of your college years, so as to become a person who is capable of working very well, contributing to your field for the service of society.

Based on the success of our pilot programme last year, and adopting some successful methods from Harvard and MIT, the new Ely Academy includes a monthly talk given by a guest speaker, a Professional Mentoring programme and occasional weekend seminars. Read more… 

Ely Speakers’ Corner

The Speaker’ Corner is a means for students, even those in technical fields, to acquire some measure of education in the humanities, in areas like history, literature, and philosophy. This activity allows a person to reflect on the larger life-questions; to come to a mature understanding of cultural trends; and to appreciate the advances being made in arts and science. It takes place twice a month.

The Residence

For those whose home is outside Dublin, there is the added challenge of finding a suitable place to live that is conveniently located and – more importantly – that provides a good atmosphere, conducive to study and to a healthy social life. To that end, every year we make some places available to university students. We provide full-board accommodation in a perfect distraction-free environment where you can get down to serious study and aim for your personal best in college, while having a good time and developing your personality to the full. Read more…

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